SU! A Box and Tasteful Labels Dies

Hello again… did you miss me yesterday? I hope so :o) Today’s project is not a card at all. I was doing some tidying of my craft space yesterday  (seems as though I’m always doing that) and decided to make a container to hold die cut pieces, stamped pieces, odds and ends like that. I didn’t want anything too large (my crafting area is rather small) and I wanted it to compliment other containers. Gosh, do you need all that explanation? Maybe not… anyway, here is my project.

SU! Tasteful Labels Dies & storage

And a side view…

SU! Tasteful Labels Dies & storage

And here’s a view with the box slightly open, so you can see the holder slides out…

SU! Tasteful Labels Dies & storage

I made two of these, pretty much same size… one holds paper clips and small binder clips – both of which I use a lot. The other holds those die cuts I mentioned earlier. The difference in the two boxes is that one has a ribbon for sliding the holder out of the sleeve, the other has a taller ‘end’ for sliding through the sleeve in and out. Hopefully you can see that in the photos.

Supplies used…

  • Window sheet – 2 3/8 x 5
  • Tasteful Labels Dies
  • Just Jade cs (for the base) 5 1/2 x 8
  • Forever Greenery DSP 7 3/4 x 5
  • Tear n Tape

I wanted the base to have strength so the sides of the base needed to fold over themselves. Here’s are two fairly good pictures of what the base looked like after scoring and trimming.

Storage base
Storage base
  • Score around all sides 5/8″ & 1 3/8″ and burnish.
  • Trim as in above photos, then add Tear n Tape as in photos.
  • Fold over those longer areas seen in photo 5, adhering the sides for strength.
  • Turn over and complete the adhering of the ends so the box is now solid and secure.

The top… BIG TIP… when creating tops or lids for boxes, scoring needs to be just a shade different so the box slides in and out easily. Use a shim against the side of the scoring tool to create that needed space. I used a piece of window sheet, but you could easily use a piece of cs.

  • Cut the Forever Greenery DSP 7 3/4 x 5
  • With your shim to the far edge of the scoring tool, score at 7/8, 3 15/16, 4 3/16 and 6 5/8. Burnish. Add Tear n Tape to one end.
  • Determine which wide side is your top, and use the Tasteful Labels Dies to die cut an opening
  • Adhere window sheet (2 3/8 x 5) to inside with Tear n Tape
  • Wrap around your base for fitting. Trim excess if necessary then adhere together. Voila!  Here’s the photo of the completed box again…
    SU! Tasteful Labels Dies & storage

    Fun, right? Fill with those extras on your stamping table so you have more space to create… 😏

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3 responses to “SU! A Box and Tasteful Labels Dies”

  1. Cute little container! Love the colors. 🙂

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  2. What a great idea! LOTS prettier than the little ramekin I use to hold those little die cuts for “later”! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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