Fun Additions

Hi folks! Surprise – I’m actually blogging something…. what I have most fun doing is creating cards, and this blogging business is just not very comfortable to me – so please be patient, OK? All I’m going to do today is add some photos, talk a LITTLE bit about each/ or some and see where this goes.

This first card is special – a first try that turned out so cute! I should really include a picture of how it opens. It’s a kind of explosion card and since it was first try I made it small so as not to waste/ throw away card stock. Can you imagine? :o)


The second card on the right was really a fun and messy project but turned out so beautiful, I loved every bit of it. Using dampened tissue paper and sprinkling brusho onto the wet tissue created these neat colors. Once dry, crinkle the tissue, then gently spread it out without making it flat. Leave the crinkles in it! Glue this to your card stock crinkling it even more. Then put it through your big shot to flatten it. Embellish however you like. The buttflies are from the wonderful botanical butterfly DSP during Sale-a-bration.


3 responses to “Fun Additions”

  1. Yay Terry Lynn!! So glad that you’re sharing on your blog! Love your cards, look forward to seeing many more!! 😀


  2. philip graham bright Avatar
    philip graham bright

    I am awed by your creative power!


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