SU! Mini PP Box + Forever Fern Bundle + Forever Greenery DSP

Hi Everyone -no posts for two days – ugh! I was having a crafty ‘blank’ and working outside in this heat did it… how’s that for an explanation? :O) It’s true – 7 am -9 am and I was done in…I DID some good stuff the rest of the day, just not my best… Here’s a teaser… and I’ll post the rest tomorrow.

Mini PP Box & Forever Fern
Mini PP Box & Forever Fern

See these two boxes? What is different between them – and yes, you have to tell me! How do I know you are paying attention if you don’t respond? Hmmm. Does that sound like a parent???? Anyway – when you respond your name goes into a spinner and one name plops out and you get – – – a prize! And I’ll send it right away… won’t that be fun? We have to change things up now and then ya know.

Bonus days are coming to an end soon – now through 3 Aug, just six (6) days. That $5 coupon (s) should be eating a hole in your pocket… to use in Aug. Did you make your list?


Bonus Days. Earn in July, spend in August.

And when you order from me, please use my July host code to receive a SU! item worth $10 when your purchase is $50-$150. Sounds like another good deal, right?! It is…

Thanks for stopping by.

May you have a beautiful day.

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4 responses to “SU! Mini PP Box + Forever Fern Bundle + Forever Greenery DSP”

  1. Karen Andrews Avatar
    Karen Andrews

    I see a couple things
    Boxes are different colors
    Layers are different

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  2. So pretty! Love the embellishments. 🙂

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  3. Janice Manning Avatar
    Janice Manning

    #1 white box, olive mat with one piece dip mat
    #2 green box, a-ple green mat with 2 piece dip nat

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  4. Hmmm – okay, “Mom!” – I see different layouts between the boxes (the layers are different), different greens for mats, and…unless the photo light is playing tricks with me – I think the ink color for the sentiment is different! Whatever the differences – I like them both a lot!! 🙂

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